485 is a digital design service delivering brand
& identity, signage, website design & development
for all business types & individuals.

Through all media types 485 delivers cost effective design solutions for small business which focus on business brand, services & products providing greater results with more customers to your door.

– Graphic Design

– Signage

– Brand & Logo

– Website Design

Selected Works

Branding, CMS Website, Signage.
Branding, CMS Website, Signage, Photography, Print.
Branding, Print.
Branding, CMS Website, Signage, Print, Photography.
Signage, Print, Design Consultation.
Branding, Signage
Branding, CMS Website.
Branding, Website, Signage, Photography, Print.
Branding, CMS Website, Signage.
CMS Website, Signage.